Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's coming together finally!

I started this quilt last year as a Relief Society project. The original intent was to learn three new blocks and frame them on the wall. Well, I seem to have trouble doing three- I ended up experimenting with the yo-yo quilt and then I had all sorts of fabric, so I ended up with this lovely quilt. I put the back on last Friday and now I have been quilting. It is a bit tricky because I hand quilted 4 of the blocks before I decided to put it into a quilt so four of the blocks are extra thick. I am thrilled with how it turned out. I think that I am going to put this is my front hall. My kids were excited to lift it up for me because it is pretty heavy and they felt very grown-up!

This is a traditional log cabin.

This one is Jacob's star. This one was difficult to piece and I would do things differently next time. For more info on Jacob's star check out this quilt along (http://dontlooknow.typepad.com/dont_look_now/quilt-along---josephs-coat/ ).

This one is me playing with yo yo's. I had fun learning how to make them.

This is the back. I found some more Japanese fabric at a new quilt shop (yippee). I used it as my outside 'frame' and also on the back to add a little extra. I have literally a few scraps left from my project and still don't know what I am going to use for my binding?!? This project is pretty organic in the sense that it is always growing and changing!

I am just learning about taking pictures and posting. We had a lot of snow here and the sun was not out very much today.

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