Friday, April 29, 2011

Long-Arm Love

I found a 15 year old APQS longarm on Kijiji that I just needed to have and my husband said yes. I loved it, it was great fun- in fact too much fun. I used it a lot and realized that it was too much for me- four children, big dog and a husband who works a lot of long hours. So, as my dad said, I grew up and sold it. I showed great maturity in this decision (I need to keep telling myself). I miss it but the good thing is that the people who bought it don't live too far and they said I could use it any time.

While I had this tremendous machine I was able to do a lot of quilts for Margaret's Hope Chest. Carin is amazing and I am thrilled to know here. Here are some of the quilts I quilted for her. I was also able to donate some as well. Two of these quilts were designed by Crazy Mom Quilts at the retreat last summer. (the long ones blue and green).

Here it is with two quilts on it!! Double duty.

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