Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine Finish Up

I am so happy with this one.  When I take all the Christmas decorations down the house feels so empty- here is the quilt that will always go out- for Valentines.

 I took these pictures out in Fergus, Ontario after I finished doing some family history at the archives there.  It was so nice to drive out in the country.
Here is the next project...  I am going to visit my old APQS and so some quilting on it next week- can't wait.  I used Amanda Jean's no triangle tutorial for this- it worked a lot better the second time.  The first time I attempted this quilt it was a total disaster.  This quilt will be for my almost three year old who will be sharing his room with the new baby who is due to arrive 7 weeks from today!!  


  1. Your Valentine's quilt is lovely.
    Good luck with quilting your next quilt and the end of your pregnancy.

  2. Love your valentines quilt! It's very cheery and will certainly brighten things up. Your zig zag quilt is so soft looking.

  3. Both of those are great.... happy 7 weeks until the baby comes!!!!

  4. Such a fun Valentine's quilt! And that zigzag is super cute -- I loe the fabric colors -- soooo pretty!