Thursday, April 29, 2010

Primary Lesson May first week

I often get ideas form Sugardoodle but have yet to contribute. Today is the day! I read a great idea from one fellow Primary sister and decided to go with it and make it my own. If you would like to take this and make it your own- feel free.
The lesson is the first of the May series covering the concept 'Covenants and Ordinances of the Gospel Lead Me to Jesus Christ'. The first Sunday focuses on this: My faith is Jesus Christ is strengthen when I obey.

I want to teach the children the fourth article of faith.
I have a scripture chase prepared for the senior primary. There are 20 scriptures divided up equally in the OT, NT, BofM and the D&C.

The children will be broken into 4 groups and will have the scriptures for them. They will have to find the words. I will post later how they will put the words into the 4th article of faith- some of them have it memorized already and I don't want them to give it away- they need to come to it on their own.

Old Testament Scriptures
2 Exodus 19:9 27th word
5 Numbers 29:1 8th word
8 2 Kings 17:34 24th word
14 Habbu. 2:4 20th word
17 Deut 28:28 2nd word

New Testament
6 Hebrews 6:1 4th word
11 Galatians 1:6 21st word
18 John 6:14 11th word
19 Romans 15:17 19th word
20 Matthew 22:26 3rd word

Book of Mormon
21 Alma 42:5 33rd word
23 Moroni 8:20 9th word
25 3 Nephi 11:26 5th
28 Mosiah 4:20 18th word
30 2 Nephi 9:45 9th word

Doctrine and Covenants
31 D&C 88:55 4th word
32 D&C 20:43 8th word
35 D&C 124:14 last word
38 D&C 6:10 5th word
41 &42 D&C46:13 8th & 9th

The verse read like this:
We 2 that the 5 6 and 8 of the 11 are first 14 in the 17 18 19 20 21, third 23 by 25 for the 28 of 30, 31, 32 on of 35 for the 38 of the 41 42.


  1. I love the idea and help. Just trying to figure out if there is reason the numbers down the left side are in a chronological order? Thanks for doing this!

  2. Great idea! I plan to use this for my senior primary -- in preparing, I found that your clue for word 19, Romans 15:17 should be the 10th word instead of the 19th word -- I'm sure it was just a typo!

  3. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your idea.

  4. Yes, thank you! A great resource!

  5. Thank you so much I am so excited to do this activity this sunday for sharing time. Yeah!