Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Rid of the Crap

I am taken by V&Co 's challenge to get out the crap!! I have such a hard time making these entries but I want to try to figure out how to record all my efforts. By writing and taking pictures it commits me even further to this process.
We have moved 5 times in the 9 years of our marriage! I have a hard time getting rid of some items. I moved quite a bit when i was a kid and my mom hardly saved a thing- sometimes i feel sad about this when other people (like my husband) can give our children toys that he played with when he was a baby or kid.
My other crap management issue is that I love to sew, knit and do crafts so along with this hobby comes a lot of supplies. I was amazed at Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew who has hardly any fabric- I on the other hand have approximately 6 totes full plus 10 shelves in the office full.
I love a bargain. I also feel like I never know when I am going to have a sewing emergency and need to whip up a quilt at 10 pm.
Having three boys in all different sizes also poses a problem because I am constantly needing to assess what fits who in what weather. See i have some pretty good excuses. Plus I feel that I already got rid of a lot of stuff. I did, the part is that I constantly need to do this!!!
I have some after shots of two kids room and I will take some before of the other three rooms.
The biggest challenge however is the BASEMENT. The biggest trouble with the basement is that it is BIG. I can fit a lot down there- the problem is I don't need it because it is a lot to manage.

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  1. I know what you mean...our stuff grows to fit our space. It's like the difference between a huge handbag and a little purse--you fill it up with stuff you could probably do without, LOL!

    I recently did a post on ruthlessly getting rid of fabric. I gave some larger pieces to a sewing friend. I keep my yardage, but my problem is scraps. So I decided to ask myself if I've used something in the last 2 years. Frankly, if I haven't found a use for something in that length of time, I never will. I just bagged it up and donated it to charity.
    Good luck with your organizing. It's a never ending battle, IMHO!