Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Give away

Here is a fabulous giveaway: http://ihavetosay.typepad.com/

I love the quilt along. Our Relief Society is using this quilt top as a project for kids in the Sick Kids Burn Unit. It has been an exciting process. I got a bunch of fabric together and aked the YW and RS to volunteer to cut 4 inch squares and 8 by 4 rectangles. They did a great job. After we did this I assembled quilt tops for the sisters to sew. We are planning to tie these quilts on September 1. This is very exciting. Sitting around a quilt frame brings out the pioneer spirit in me and I totally love it.
I coud probably go on for a while about this concept. How great and different this earth would be with more women taking time to sit, visit, use their hands, build a skill and use this all for good. Imagine.
Thanks Randi for the giveaway the possibility for me to have more material to work with for this cause.

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