Thursday, August 5, 2010

One of my beefs about cleaning...

I am not sure how many of you fall into this same problem...all the little bits and pieces that are everywhere. I get so sidetracked by them and want to throw them all away. What usually happens is that I put them all in a box to go through later and then have a dreaded box that I put in the basement and takes up space. Not a good thing.... Here is the collection at the end of my room.
I am happy to report that the kids are doing great with keeping everything tidy. I am also pleased as can be with the bigger and bigger pile of giveaway stuff in the family room. The funny part about the pile however is that my daughter is a little suspicious of what is in the pile and so she will occasionally go through it. Must change this strategy- perhaps keeping the pile in the back of the van.

Will include picture on next post- just imagine 15 random items on my bed. What do you do with all these little things. I do not want to micromanage every piece of Lego and puzzle!!

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