Sunday, October 2, 2011

Leave of Absence

Our family has had a pretty exciting time this past month.  We had an incredible 2 week trip to the east coast and were able to discover some wonderful new places in the world ( Boston, Maine, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI).  We put 5014 km on the van!

When we got home we had just over a week to get ready for school, host two birthday parties and prepare for my 10 year anniversary trip to Iceland.  This also meant preparing the house etc for my parents in law to stay and watch the kids.

Here are some photos of our trip.  I really fell in love with the country and the people.  My husband's great grandparents came from Iceland and we had the opportunity to meet with many of them.  It truly was a trip of a life time.
original Icelandic horse- brought along with the vikings when they settled Iceland

60 m waterfall

there was a real shortage of wood so this is how they built their homes

some more traditional homes

beautiful photo of a fisherman's home right beside the ocean

the world famous Blue Lagoon- it was quite amazing

Since we have benn home from our trip I did two presentations on how to write a family history blog at a geneaolgy conference (my other blog  I was selected to do an 'I Am Mormon" ad (see and so I have been getting the house ready for a camera crew (curtains, pictures on walls, autumn decoration).  I got a call a few days ago that plans have changed and they aren't sure when they'll come!!  This was a great push to get me in gear and I have been grateful for the schedule I have made.

I have a FABULOUS motivation to get this house into order-

Yep- baby number five will be arriving sometime at the beginning of April so I want to make sure that I have everything in order.  We are so excited for this new addition to the family and I want to make sure that I can hold this baby as much as possible instead of painting walls and renovating bathrooms.
So there you have it all my many reasons for a leave of absence.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! That is so exciting!!! I am crossing my fingers for a little girls to even out the boy vs. girl ratio in your place!! I bet the kids are all so excited.

  2. Dara,

    Thank you so much for your sweet email - that meant a lot to me. I feel like I need to do better about following that counsel and sharing the gospel on my blog.

    Also, it was so fun to discover yours! I LOVED the pictures from your trip! AND congrats on baby #5 and an upcoming camera crew at your house! (I'll be watching for your I'm A Mormon ad! :)

    Best, best wishes and keep in touch!