Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's with family and friends.  I love homemade Christmas's and this year was no exception.  Here are some of the 20 caramel popcorn jars I made for family and friends. The popcorn was delicious and the vinyl turned out pretty cute!  

Here are the cute bags that I wrapped the jars in.  I really love multiples of things.

After all my long arm quilting I did back at the beginning of the year, I had an entire garbage bag FULL of cotton batting scraps so I had this great idea to make the kids rag quilts.  I cut just over 350 squares!!  I thought I had more flannel than I did- I had to buy more fabric!!  It kind of defeated the purpose of using up all that I had, but I really do love the end results.
 What a happy girl on Christmas morning!!  The front...
 The back is with minkee, all I can say is that it is really like cashmere but washable the best of both worlds.  I love the weight of this quilt.
 I made this mini dool sized quilt for my daughter's new "Our Generation Doll".  I actually ended up making 3 others for a friend of mine who has three girls.  She came over a few nights and helped put the quilt together- it was so much fun (especially because we are both 6 months pregnant bending on the floor mix and matching fabrics).
 This is the back of my sons- love the cow print!!  The funny thing about the other two brown minkee fabric is that the kids found the fabric a while ago and have been using the fabric as blankets to watch movies with- talk about the shoemakers children not having shoes- the quilters children didn't have their own quilt for snuggling with (the horror).
 I made another one for another son but haven't got a picture- it has lots of frogs- he's 5.  I decided to wait to make one for my other son until he gets a little older since the baby/crib quilts still work for him.
This quilt is for Brianna, a cousin who is going in for major surgery in two weeks.  When she was over for Christmas dinner she wrapped herself in my daughter's quilt and couldn't get over how comfortable and cozy she felt and asked for one.  I knew I had to do it.  She has had health trouble for the bast 15 years.  When she first went to the hospital at 15 she received a blanket from Project Linus.  She has kept it ever since.  I was so happy to make it for her.  When I asked about her favourite colours she said navy and gold- I'd say it fits the bill.

I opened an esty shop today to sell some of the quilts that I have been making.  I do not want to be on Hoarders so I figure I'll try my luck.  That is one new beginning I am curious about starting.

This year will be full of adventure and excitment as we anticpate the arrival of baby # 5 in early April and possibly a cross Canada move in the summer... much to prepare and look forward to.


  1. Wow, thats quite a collection that you shared. They all look great.

  2. WOW! All these quilts are perfect! gosh I could definitely go for some of that popcorn right now ;o)

  3. Hey Dara! Baby #5?!? Yeah! Congrats! The quilts look great! Blessings!

  4. Happy New Year! I liked your popcorn labels. How did you do that? It's great that you used a lot of your scrap material.