Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Beginnings

Ta Da- My New Shop

Here are some goodies that you will see:
I have A LOT of these and need to get them into the hands and mouths of sweet little babes,

This I-Spy quilt has over 200 different pieces- hours of fun for a child.

I find that there is always a need for more boy quilts- this bug plaid quilt is sweet and super soft- flannel on both sides.

This is twin size- super cute and colourful.

Classic girly quilt crib size.

One of my favorites- is backed with a green and white gingham dragonfly piece.

Super soft- flannel on both sides.  A beautiful collection of sweet girly prints.

Fabulous boy quilt with a great variety of fabrics and the quilting is so fun!
Pretty warm and cozy post!

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