Monday, June 13, 2011

My Quilt Donation

Earlier this year I had a short love affair with a 15 year old APQS long arm.  I really couldn't get enough- I made A LOT of quilts so I could quilt them.
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Good thing- here is the quilt I will donate- it is so soft and sweet.  I am so happy that it will bring a lot of love to a little one.  I LOVE the quilting on it- I was so determined to learn how to do free motion.  I did A LOT of drawing before I attempted this.

 Since the departure of the APQS I haven't even tried to do any machine quilting on my current Janome, I now have such a need for speed!  I am waiting patiently for a Juki like the one Crazy Mom Quilts uses.  Actually I had a queen sized quilt a lady wanted me to do a week after I sold the APQS and so I rented time on a long arm- brillant!  I went to her house, had no kids or phone and I just quilted for 3 hours straight- it really is a great way to go.  Having a long-arm is great but they are very expensive and take up a lot of room.  This was a great suggestion I got from a fellow quilter and if you want to experience the long-arm yourself- check it out.

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