Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Vintage-ish Spring Quilt in Almost Summer

Last spring we had the total delight in having a robin decide that by bathroom window sill would be the perfect place to have her family.  We (my four children then aged 7,5,3 and 1) loved watching the addition of each egg (there were four) and then the hatching and then the growth of these fine birds.  We went on line to learn all we could about robins.  This picture was taken right before they flew the nest.  We were so sad when they did and then on the same day we noticed another robin couple decided to build a nest two window sills down!!  We had robin egg-travaganza last year and so this vintage fabric has even more meaning.
I have been holding on to this vintage fabric that I inherited from my mom's friends mother-in-law who died 8 years ago.  I had many ideas for it from aprons to curtains but after much deliberation I decided the best place is a nice springy/summery quilt.

I didn't want to cut this up too much so I decided to hand quilt around all the birds in each section- I am regretting that decision!  Although I really enjoy hand quilting I probably won't get around to it until fall- or winter.  We'll see.

Here's the back- very simple.  I did the back and the binding the same to tie it altogether.
It's fun to have this quilt in the main living area as most of my quilts are on beds!!  

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